Sunday, 28 June 2015

Note re roads in Romania.

We had a struggle today! We started on white roads shown on the 1:500k map of the whole country. These were fine this morning - fairly quiet, decent surface. But then we joined a yellow #71; this was quite scary, being a bit narrow, but having fast traffic. So we turned back and got the map out.
More white roads showed an alternative, a bit longer, but fine for our short day.
Alas the tarmac ran out; the "road" became an earth/stony track, that we followed for miles, very tedious and hard on the bikes. Eventually tarmac returned, but more earth followed! And these are "roads" shown on 1:500k.....
And later the surfaced road was rough, being old concrete.
Of course we got through in the end, but with difficulty.

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