Thursday, 2 July 2015

Bike Routes into Transylvania
There is a big range of mountains south of this region, which reach 2,500 m. Few roads cross.
Heading to Brasov (excellent, do go there) you have a choice of 3 roads:
#1 / E60. This is probably not a cycling route, due to heavy traffic, but we did not use it.
#1A is a lesser road, to the east.
#1021, a small road between these two. The col is at 1300m. On the map, looks ideal for bikes....

So we got to Campina, at start of 1021, but thought it wise to ask about the road. Soon found out that it is 'off road' and ends at the col. Sod it! This left #1A as best option, but we were in the wrong starting place. Told Valenii has B&B - try that.

We spent a hard day getting to Izvoarele (as above). Next day off north on the #1A. Big trucks do use this road, perversely when there is the better #1. But it wasn't too awful, as verges OK. The surface is good. The road rolls up and down a lot through ex. scenery until you reach Cheia, then climbs relentlessly to the col Bratocea at 1263m - hairpin bends. But these are wide and well graded. No cafe at top!
Descent north was fine.
Verdict - watch for the trucks, take care, not a bad route.

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