Friday, 10 July 2015

More on cycling in Hungary.
Some larger roads do not allow bicycles. We expected this on red (single number) roads, so didn't plan to use them. But surprised to see no bike signs on part of the #44, an orange road. And little bike lanes outside the towns and villages.
So what to do? Bits we could re-route, but sometimes no option but to ignore the ban and press on! A problem.
One good road to cycle is the minor one from Kecskemet to Budapest, west of the #5, via Dabas.
We had a nightmare getting into Budapest. I had hoped to pick up the Danube River Trail SW of the city and follow it in. Instead we we forced to follow the #51 from Taksony, then became the #5 - a big dual carriageway, though the traffic not too busy. Efforts to get onto cycle paths all failed, into dead ends. A shambles of lousy hungarian signposting, and my bad plan!. Do not go this way, find something better....

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