Sunday, 5 July 2015

Cycling in Romania- comments.

On the whole, I am rather disappointed. We had planned a route following many minor roads, shown on my 1:500k map. In reality, many of these were not suitable for our touring bikes (poor surfaces); a mountain bike would be better.
So we were forced onto the 'red' main roads, which usually have a decent surface. BUT these are used by hundreds of big trucks! The shoulder is usually narrow, but helps a bit. So the riding is not pleasant and at times scary.
Today we are last found a lovely road, the 'yellow' #75 from Turda via Campeni to Stei - good scenery over the hills.

We enjoyed Brasov and Sighisoara. The country has a nice old time rural feel, and the people are helpful. Another plus is the cheap prices: hotel rooms average say £30/night, and you can get a good meal for £10 or less. Beer £1/pint.

Maybe leave it a few years, come back when EU funds have fixed the roads, like Spain has.

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